Hey everyone! Wow, my first blog entry! Who would have thought that I would ever be a blogger?? Not me! But hey, modern times call for modern measures. With the essence of sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you really can be or do anything you want, and have everyone know about it!

I labeled this first entry Celebrating Life for many different reasons. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always wanted to be a celebrity, and that I have humorously viewed myself as one on occasion (with no apparent accomplishments to label myself as such). I will explain this reason using these two definitions:



  1.  a famous person
  2.  the state of being well known
  1.   acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity
  2.   perform (a religious ceremony) publicly and duly
  3.   honor or praise publicly

Hopefully you can make the distinction between these two words just by looking at the root of each word. The root celebr-  comes from the Latin derivative meaning “frequented or honored.” When you think about it, celebrities  celebrate life on a daily basis. They are highly recognized for a notorious piece of work (usually art) that they have contributed to society, and are massively applauded for their efforts. Anywhere they go, they are praised, and people literally celebrate them and their involvement in the work they have contributed. They themselves celebrate life by having more than enough money to own fancy cars, purchase beautiful homes, shop and wear the most prominent designers, use the best beauty products, and much, much more. It’s basically like having your birthday everyday for the rest of your life. Who wouldn’t want that??!

Being a very positive and optimistic person myself, I love the idea of celebrating life on a daily basis. Appreciating what you have, while affording yourself the opportunities to do what you want to do, and have what you want to have, is my definition of success. Being unlimited within your self and within your life.  Being applauded not only by friends and family, but by people you don’t even know for a significant accomplishment and contribution that you have been part of. This is what being a celebrity and celebrating life means for me. It means cherishing and celebrating each moment, and giving yourself the best.

The reason why I am bringing this up in a blog about style, fashion and beauty products is due to the fact that I strive to celebrate life on a daily basis, and essentially be a celebrity without being a celebrity. I have had this propensity for the past 13 years, and it has shaped my taste in fashion, style and beauty. Many of my friends, family, and acquaintances have praised me for my sense of style, fashion and beauty, and many have actually sought out the various beauty products and clothing items that I have used and worn. In this modern era of Internet and tech-savvy users, what better way to showcase the various products, clothing items, and accessories that I use than with my very own blog dedicated to it where readers can learn and purchase the very items they revere most?!

Creativity is a passion of mine. I love all creative outlets, and love expanding the mind and using my gut to plan creative projects. It is a divine process, a divine inspiration, and I’d love to share that with the rest of the world.

Come celebrate life with me, and be a celebrity in your own right! I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer, and I hope to inspire, educate and guide others with this blog.

Thank you!!!

Infinite X’s & O’s,



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