Okay, so this is my absolute FAVORITE product by my absolute FAVORITE brand in luxury beauty products! When Algenist comes out with a three-in-one transformative melting gel cleanser for your face, YOU BUY IT! 

Summary & Experience

When you first open the bottle, you are presented with a light green gel which gently soothes its way into the palm of your hand. As you rub the gel all over your face, the gel gently transforms into a smooth and silky oil. Once water makes contact with the oil, the oil transforms into a soapy cream cleanser which then purifies and cleanses your face. I have to say…this is a GENIUS and revolutionary idea for a face cleanser (pun intended)! Seriously, who knew that something as simple as a face wash could be so innovative?!

I was definitely skeptical at first, I am not going to lie. I figured the whole “three-in-one” tagline was a sales and marketing tactic. Which, it is, but in this instance it is actually true, as each substance relates to a specific mechanism of action to purify and cleanse your face. I was in store when I first heard about it, and the salesperson poured the tiniest drop of gel onto the front of my fist. She then rubbed it in ever so gently, and I watched the gel transform into a silky oil. She then whipped out a tiny spray bottle out of her back pocket and sprayed a spritz of water onto the oil. She lathered the water and oil together, and I saw the transformation into a creamy and milky liquid. She rubbed it in and then sprayed more water on it as to wash the gentle substance off my wrist. She then said, “Take a look at your other fist, and compare them side by side.” I was absolutely astonished at what I saw. There actually was a vast and notable difference between my two fists. FISTS, MIND YOU! Probably the hardest part of the body to test out the results of a beauty product. It amazed me that even the tiniest drop of gel on that one fist made a huge difference in both appearance and texture in comparison to the other fist. The cleansed fist looked younger, newer, and just really clear. It was like magic. I then found myself at the checkout counter sporting my first bottle of Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser in hand.

I actually remember the first time I used it. It was a crisp fall October day, my birthday specifically, when I used it for the first time on my face before meeting up with friends for dinner. I remember the spa-like treatment I had endured when rubbing the gel/oil/cream onto my face. I was excited to see what would happen, however I wasn’t anticipating anything special. After I wiped off the cream and water and did my last towel pat, I looked in the mirror and again, was amazed and astonished. It was my birthday, which meant I was getting older, and yet I had never looked younger than I did in my mid-20’s as I did at this moment. My face was the softest it’s ever been, and my face just looked absolutely clear and radiant. I was shocked by the instant results, and knew I had found my little bottle of youth. It is also extra-special because if you wear any skin cream or makeup, the cleanser acts as a primer, priming your face in the best way possible prior to application. When I went to dinner that night, one of my friends specifically said, “You’re not getting older, you are getting younger!” My thoughts, exactly I said to myself, as I knew the secret weapon that had made this possible.

Tips & Best Practices

As my experience in-store highlights, you only need a tiny drop (about the size of the tip of your pinkie) to reap the benefits from this cleanser. Remember to cover your whole face with the gel/oil, and your neck as well (you may want to use a little bit more to cover the neck area). Being an extremist myself, I used a little bit more than I am suggesting, and the 150 ml/50 oz bottle had lasted me for six months (every time)!

After the gel turns into an oil, I usually let the oil absorb into my skin for about 1 minute prior to cleansing with water. You don’t necessarily need to do this, but psychologically, I feel that it improves the benefits. 🙂

If you are going to be wearing makeup or any other cosmetic for the day, I definitely recommend the use of this cleanser before application. As I had mentioned prior, it really does have the added benefit of priming your face as you will find your skin to be softer and silkier than ever before. I would recommend to still use your regular primer in addition to the cleanser to enhance the effects.

Product & Pricing

The most common size for this anti-aging melting cleanser is 150 ml/5 fl oz. at a price range of $38-$45. Not bad for an average six months of usage! You may purchase this item directly here: Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser 150Ml/5 Oz

GENIUS is a spin-off brand within the Algenist Brand. Basically, it is a higher-end line within a high-end beauty brand. Algenist uses science, research and proven ingredients that make the brand stand out (and actually work). The GENIUS brand contains higher-end ingredients that make the products more beneficial & results-oriented. Eventually, I will do a blog specifically on this brand, given that it is my favorite luxury beauty line.

Please feel free to share your experiences and let me know how you like this product in the Comments section below!

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