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AMAZING! I know that most men aren’t privy to facial masks, but all that changes with Kyoku’s Lava Masque For Men. I have turned many males onto facial masks with the recommendation & use of this product.

Summary & Experience

When I had worked as an account manager at, I had the privilege of working with many companies and brands across various industry verticals. Among them, was Kyoku, a brand that I had been unfamiliar with prior. When connecting with my main point of contact, I learned that Kyoku was a novel skincare brand designed specifically for men. Explicated, was the intrinsic motivator of founder Dr. Asim Akhtar, a notable doctor & researcher within dermatology. Doctor Akhtar honed in on this suppressed niche, as he uncovered that men’s pores are much deeper than women’s, thereby necessitating a more substantiated solution for acne and blemishes.

Quick Dermatology Lesson: Acne & blemishes are caused by clogged pores within the skin. As we go about our day, our pores fill up with oils, dirt, & bacteria that lead to breakouts. Therefore, a preventive solution for acne is counteracting the primary facilitator – clogged pores!

Recognizing & identifying the potential of helping men with skincare ailments within this selective niche, Dr. Akhtar released Kyoku, utilizing his experience & research-based knowledge of skincare to create the benefits behind the Kyoku brand.

The intrigue of a skincare line specifically designed for men, pulled me and my inclination toward beauty products closer to this brand. It is a known fact that men are well underrepresented within the retail & apparel industry, never mind the beauty & cosmetic industry! I was extremely happy to hear that there was a mens line that was finally making its way to this hidden market. I persuaded my point of contact in sending me some samples from the beautifully emanated line. I was expecting to receive sample sizes from the brand, but my generous client sent me a handful of products in their standard size, including the victorious Lava Masque For Men.

I could not wait to try on the mask, and therefore used it on the first night I received it. I have never experienced any Botox procedures prior, but after having the mask on for a good ten minutes, I can imagine that the feeling is unanimous. I love that the mask had this effect on my face because it felt like the mask was actually working on my pores & blemishes right before my eyes (literally), in the short time I had worn it! The mask does tighten your face due to the aforementioned benefits of digging up all the oil and bacteria deep within your pores, almost freezing and numbing them off of your face. The same goes for any actualized blemishes and pimples that have already staked claim on your face.

After a tingling ten minutes, I washed the mask off, which required a little bit more elbow grease than with any other mask. After drying and patting my face, I looked in the mirror and saw a brighter, clearer and glowing complexion.  The collagen in my face was lifted, and my forehead was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It was as if I had just seen a plastic surgeon in the most natural way possible.

The next day, my skin was an amazing canvas for which I could view. Any moisturizers, lotions, primers and other cosmetics only complemented the strong and robust base I exuded from the benefits of this mask. The next day after using this mask is always the best, as others can see and sense your new glow, and won’t be afraid in complimenting you and telling you so. 🙂

Tips & Best Practice

The first time you use this mask will be the most intense, which is a GOOD THING. The reason is, you have the most oil and bacteria contained within your pores at first use, and the mask is at work getting rid of them. As you use the mask weekly, the intensity will be less and less, as the mask is doing its job of ridding your breakouts, acne and blemishes. Also, you will get used to the tingling sensation, and will most likely start to like and look forward to it!

Make sure you spread over your face, minus your eyes and eyelids. Try not to put around the bags of your eyes, due to the intensity of the mask. If you are worried about bags underneath your eyes, there are other products which will take care of that for you (coming up in this blog). It is okay to spread everywhere else, including underneath your chin. Try pulling back any hair when putting this mask on, as you definitely will get strands caught in the mix once the mask hardens on your face.

Utilize once a week (the directions will tell you once or twice), but once a week is good enough to receive ample benefits & results. Use at night before bed, so that you can complement your skins natural rejuvenation process overnight. When you wake up, you will see a brighter, glowing, & clearer looking face!


Until Kyoku, there hasn’t been a distinguished skincare brand that has successfully provided benefits for men’s skincare issues. With the launch of this Lava Masque, among other core Kyoku products, Kyoku has done an excellent job of providing some of the best skincare benefits & improved results to this underrepresented community.

Comment below and tell me about your own experiences with the Lava Masque!


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