Yum, Yum, YUM!!! Yves Saint Laurent is my absolute favorite fall scent for men! I have been wearing this fragrance every fall season for the past 10 years, and I still get compliments to this very day!

Summary & Experience

This cologne is literally the perfect fall scent to wear. Yes, I wear my scents by the season, and I definitely suggest for you to do the same. The reason is because different perfumes and fragrances smell different under different climates and temperatures. Not to get all scientific here, but in the winter time the air is much more condensed, and therefore requires a stronger scent to travel through the air. In the summer, it’s opposite, as the air is much lighter and spread out, so you are able to smell lighter scents more. Okay, so that is my science lesson for the day. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme is the perfect fall scent because it is somewhat light and airy, yet very robust and crisp. It’s the perfect halfway point between a summer and winter scent, establishing itself as a classic fall scent.

I remember being in a retail store and asking the saleswoman, “I need a new fall scent. Can you show me something new that is good  for the fall?” Without hesitation, she brought me over to the men’s fragrance section, where Yves Saint Laurent was prominently displayed. She said, “Go ahead and smell this one.” I twisted the hand-sized mirror-like silver cap off and sprayed the fragrance on my wrist. The euphoric undertones when first smelling this scent were unforgettable. It instantly clicked that she was right, this was a good fall cologne, and an EXCELLENT cologne in general. I immediately favorited the cologne inwardly, knowing that this was going to be my “go-to” cologne for the fall. “This cologne is amazing!” I exclaimed, and that is when she told me that hints of apple and firewood were contained within the cologne, making it the perfect fall scent. After hearing that, I went again to smell the cologne on my wrist, and could vaguely make out the crispness hints of apple blended with crackled firewood contained within. It was the perfect balance of scents and aromas working in tandem with one another, and I had fell in love with my signature fall scent that I would use for years to come.

The crispy, airy and robust vibe of Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme make it the most appealing scent for the fall. Apples & firewood are very much fall temperaments, making it the perfect combination to be contained within this elegant & effervescent scent.

Tips & Best Practices

I usually pick up this cologne right after Labor Day in early to mid September. Although it is still usually hot in early September, you never know when that first cool fall day will arrive, and this scent will do the trick to get your spirits lifting for the fall. Because it is my fall scent, I do not wear any other cologne until winter weather starts settling in. Like I mentioned before with the quality and density of the air, the cologne will smell best when worn in mid to late September, all October, all November, and maybe early December (depends on the temperature).

Another important factor when wearing this cologne is that it does have a longevity of scent! Meaning, you can spray yourself at 9AM, and it will last for about 5-6 hours, then fading at a very slow rate. I have sprayed this cologne many times at 7AM, and then have still been complimented by 5PM, almost 10 hours later! You will also still smell hints of the cologne right before you shower or go to bed.

Having a scent for each season is fun, and you will have at least four signature fragrances that others will know you by each year. Not only that, but scent is the biggest variable for triggering memories, and when you have a signature scent for each season, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you start wearing it again, anticipating the season to come. A different scent for each season marks the beginning of a new fashion season, so even if it isn’t your favorite season that is approaching (like winter,) you may still be excited by the fact of shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe that will pair perfectly with your signature seasonal scent. Fragrances and scents are part of your personal style and taste, going hand in hand with your fashion sense. We all have seasonal wardrobes, right? Well, then it is perfectly justified to have seasonal signature fragrances!

Product & Pricing

The most common sizes for this cologne is 2 OZ/60 ML & 3.3 OZ/100 ML. Because of it’s popularity, more smaller and larger sizes were made. The 3.3 OZ/100 ML cologne (eau de toilette) price is $92, & the 2 OZ/60 ML cologne price is $72. The 3.3 OZ will last you all season, and then some, even if you are generous with your sprays (like I am), whereas the 60 ML tends to typically last for only one season. You can purchase either size directly from the site here: L’homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men.

The bottle is most elegant and sophisticated. As you can see in the image, a large luxury silver twist off is complimented by a rich glass bottle underneath. The cologne has a unique golden tint, which also adds an additional fall element.

YSL has blasted off and gained ample popularity & major traction within the world of fashion and fragrance with the release of this cologne. The brand started out with 2 men’s fragrances at the start of it’s release for fragrance (l’homme being the first and most popular), and now ten years later, they have 10 unique colognes, all of which are variations based off the original l’homme cologne (the one in this post). The other 9 colognes all have a hint of the original with different spin-offs and variations based off of mood, ambiances, and activities. I have smelled all of them, and the original l’homme eau de toilette is by far, my favorite and is the one that I recommend most.

Please feel free to comment below, and let me know your experiences with this fragrance! Whether you are a guy who is trying it out or already has it, or a woman who is buying it for her significant other, I would like to hear from everyone!



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