About Shop With Bobby

Mission Statement & Purpose

A sophisticated shopping blog for the modern-day trendsetter, Shop With Bobby offers beauty, style & fashion recommendations for all.

A strong emphasis on beauty-wellness, Shop with Bobby encourages the importance of developing a positive self-image and reinforcing self-acceptance. Our aim is to inspire with desire, showcasing various beauties & fashions that are specifically designed to improve & enhance your well being.

A prime destination for those who seek a savvy shopping experience, Shop with Bobby strives to invigorate you with creative innovations all throughout the World.

Shop with Bobby is a Blog dedicated to sharing luxury items at all price points. Just because something is “luxury,” does not necessarily mean it isn’t affordable. This Blog is dedicated to sharing those products, fashions & styles with you.

Beauty & Fashion For All: Gender-Neutral & Unisex Commentary

At Shop with Bobby, we do not believe in gender-specific labels or roles. Bobby believes that all products and styles are defined for all genders. This means that any product, service or wardrobe item can be used by anyone, regardless of their given gender at birth.

It is important to note that throughout this Blog, Bobby will still utilize the words “men, women, woman & man,” as many brands and designers use this in their official label & categorization of the product or item they are selling. This does not mean that these brands are diminished in any way, and should not be subject to any disparagement or harassment of any kind for doing so. The choice to design and refer to this Blog as Unisex is mine and mine alone.

About Bobby

Born & raised in New York, Bobby can now be found in the spell-binding city of  Los Angeles, CA. A modern-day trendsetter and lover of fashion at heart, Bobby has turned online shopping into an art form with the launch of Shop with Bobby. Full of passion and vigor at his core, Bobby thrives off creating an open forum to share his passions of beauty products, cosmetics and fashions with the rest of the world.

Personal Instagram: @baiello16

Bobby does not endorse self-fulfilled labels when it comes to career choices. He believes all human talents can be activated by discovering and tapping into the unlimited potential contained within.

From Sales, Business & Marketing, to Acting, Photography, Writing and even recruiting for corporations and a sensual healing business, Bobby has a fluid abundance of talents.

Innovation is at the very essence of everything Bobby does, and he attributes all of his victories and multitudes of success to his inventive outside-of-the-box style of thinking & being.

Thank you all for your Love, Encouragement and Support of Shop with Bobby! I hope you all enjoy reading this Blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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                                                            Love Always & Forever,

Bobby Aiello, Founder