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Maracuja Oil by Tarte


OMG, talk about the absolute best facial serum ever!!! Maracuja Oil by Tarte is an essential oil needed by all. You won’t be satisfied with the way your face looks ever again when you aren’t using this oil! A must have for all!

Summary & Experience

When I first found out about Maracuja Oil by Tarte, it was through a promotion where I had received a free sample of the oil . I admit, I was a bit skeptical of the item at first, as I had never really used a facial oil consistently before, and the only experience I had with face oils had been the unfortunate natural ones that excreted from my skin. Since it had been a free sample, I figured “why not try it?”

The first time I used this oil, I was dumbfounded on how to apply the liquid substance correctly to my skin (the sample did not come with directions). The trick was to load the vile with some oil and use the dispenser to dispense anywhere from 3-5 drops of oil into the palm of my hand, and from there, pat and rub gently onto my face. It took me a few times of application to get the hang of this, but eventually I found that this system was the one that worked best.

The next day after my first application, my face had looked good, but I had used the Marcajua oil in combination with some other skin care products, and I wasn’t sure what to attribute my skin care success to. A few days after consistent application of the Marcajua oil (3-4 days), I noticed a notable difference that couldn’t have been attributed to any other facial product I was using. I had known this because my face had never looked so vibrant and healthy, and while the other facial products I was using were amazing ones, the benefits were much different than that of the Marcajua oil. My skin essentially looked different, almost like I had grown a new layer of skin within the 3-4 days I had been using it. My skin looked and felt refreshed, as if I had just gotten out of a heavenly massage at the spa. The other amazing thing about it was that my skin had the proclivity of being oily and shiny (hence the aforementioned oily skin comment,) and that was no longer an issue after a few consistent applications of the Maracuja oil.

After I had run out of my sample (which lasted longer than I had expected), it was like I needed my Maracuja oil fix. Even missing just one nighttime application, I could notice a difference in the vibrancy and complexion of my skin tone. That is when I knew that this Maracuja oil had to be an essential back pocket beauty go-to. Radiant complexion and refreshing skin tones were benefits that I would not give up!

Tips & Best Practices

If you are using any type of oil or serum for the first time, do not take the vile and dispense directly onto your face.  I don’t recommend that method for many reasons, my primary one being that you may actually use too much of the oil on one side of your face than the other, and you definitely don’t want that. As mentioned before, just take the vile and squirt anywhere from 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand. What I learned best was to actually mix it in both of my hands and then take both hands and massage the oil directly onto my face. I have tried many ways with this liquid, and trust me, that is the best and easiest way to have this oil spread evenly and work correctly for maximum benefit.

After the oil is on your face, I recommend waiting about 30-45 seconds before doing anything else. You will feel the liquid for about 30-40 seconds until it dries and absorbs into your skin. So please, do not rub your face onto your pillow right after applying this oil. If you wear any nighttime moisturizers or cream, it is best to apply the Marcajua oil first, let it dry, and then apply your moisturizer or lotion. I have tried it the reverse way, and this way just makes a lot more sense. If you layer the oil on top of a moisturizer,  it will have a harder time absorbing into your skin, since the moisturizer is much thicker than the oil. The same goes for eye cream or any other cream you put on at night. However, if you do a face mask or exfoliation, it is best to apply the Marcajua oil after  these treatments. The same goes for face wash and face cleansers—apply the oil after you have already washed, cleaned and treated your face.

What time of day to apply the Marcajua oil? I had this very question when first trying this product, and the best answer is at nighttime. The reason is, your face and skin are regenerating at night, and when you have the Marcajua oil absorbed into your skin as it is regenerating, you will receive the best results as the oil helps maximize this regeneration process.

Another important tip when using this oil is to please use consistently when first trying this out.  I ensured to stress the consistent use of this product throughout this post for a reason. Do not expect to see a result after day 1 or even day 2 (although some skin types may). The way this oil works is consistent use over time. Not that much time, as it only takes about 3-5 days, depending on skin type. Therefore, please wait until you use this for at least 4 or 5 consecutive applications before searching for results.

Product & Pricing

The most common size for this product is the 1.7 oz/50 ml bottle. There is a smaller version, but I do not recommend the smaller version as you get more bang for your buck with this standard size. Because you only need a few drops to see results, the standard size should last you anywhere from 7-12+ months when used correctly. The price range for the standard size is $45-$48. Yes, I know this may sound a little steep, but it is priced that way for a reason. If you knew that there was a magic product out there that made your skin look flawless, wouldn’t you pay $1,000+ for it? You don’t have to, as this little bottle of magic costs only $50 and you can buy it on Amazon here:

Get yours today and share your experience & results below!

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