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Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Couture

Did you ever wish that your clothing items can speak to you?  Tell you to have a great day when getting dressed? Well, if you have a pair of jeans from Scotch & Soda, you will surely be in luck! This Amsterdam based clothing brand communicates thoughtful messages through their different styles of denim to all shoppers who dress in them! Yes, it’s true! These items of clothing literally do convey messages from within, reinforcing a positive tone and giving you that additional pick me up to start your day.

scotch & soda
Ralston Jeans by Scotch & Soda

Here is a message from a pair of my Ralston Scotch & Soda jeans above. See?! I was NOT joking! Every time I slide these jeans on and begin to button these jeans up, I am reminded that “Today Is A Very Good Day.” When I purchased and wore my first pair of Ralston Scotch & Soda jeans, I was touched in a cute way. It’s speaks to the ideology of the brand that a pair of  jeans tells you to reinforce and maintain a positive mental attitude each time you slip them on. The denim from Scotch & Soda are already flawless with, or without any positive message, but this just adds that extra additional “umph” for the likability of a couture jean brand.

In addition to it’s positive reinforcements, Scotch & Soda also adds that additional layer of detail both inside and outside of the denim. Exquisite patchwork can be found within the inside pockets, along with detailed writing that highlights the essence of this couture brand.

The details within Scotch & Soda’s line of jeans is what initially attracted me to the brand. My first pair of Ralston jeans had denim ruffles in the back of the knee area, so when looked at from the back, the ruffles tightly comforted to the back of my knee, exhibiting a superlative aesthetic. My second pair of Ralston’s had additional details in both the front and the back of the knee area, making it a distinguished style which I was often complimented on. Same with my third pair. You can pretty much guarantee that once you own a pair of Scotch & Soda jeans, ample compliments will be headed your way.

Another significant factor when it comes to these jeans is longevity. Probably one of the most important attributes when it comes to shopping for denim is how long they will last before they look tired & worn out. I am not kidding you, the longest I held onto a pair of Scotch & Soda jeans without them wearing out has been about six or seven years, plus. The pair of jeans you see in the pictures above is about six years old, and yet looks like it is mayyybe one or two years old. Taking into consideration all of the aforementioned variables, Scotch & Soda is a hard brand to pass up on when you come across them on your next denim outing.

More About The Brand

Originating in 1985, Scotch & Soda began as a clothing company featuring menswear & men’s fashion. Initiated by Laurens Hompes in Amsterdam, the Dutch clothing brand featured bright colors and primarily sold jackets and hoodies. Now, thirty-two years and 150+ global stores later, the brand features men’s, women’s and children’s clothing items prominent in over 8000 retail outlets including popular high-end department stores, independent retailers & online shops.

The Scotch & Soda store in Soho, New York   Photo courtesy Google Maps, Inc

Scotch & Soda is notoriously known for their high-end denim wear. Scotch & Soda is the main denim brand for men, while Scotch & Soda Maison Scotch is the primary denim brand for women. The Scotch & Soda denim contains very rare details and texture, creating an aesthetic and silhouette that is hard to come by in most styles of jeans. Not as expensive as some designers, Scotch & Soda does an amazing job of giving you what you pay for. The average price tag of anywhere from $120 and upward is well worth the price for this under-rated designer that only delivers the best.

I want to hear about your experience with Scotch & Soda denim! Please comment and let’s start the conversation below!


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